Deathloop: How To Increase Maximum Health


Deathloop Increase Health
Deathloop Increase Health

Deathloop is a game that expects you to die and die again — the clue is in the name. You may want to increase your maximum health to give you a leg up on the eternalists and Visionaries then.

While you can increase your max health in Deathloop, it’s not really a permanent upgrade and instead depends on you having certain trinkets equipped.

To change your trinkets, go to your lobby before selecting a map and then choose loadout. The four squares on the left are your character trinkets and where you will be able to equip trinkets that increase your health.

The best trinket to have to increase is Never Say Die, an exemplary (purple) trinket that you have a higher chance of finding from killing your Visionary leads. Drops are entirely random, so you’re basically waiting on chance.

What might make this more frustrating for some players is that you can only equip four trinkets in total, and one of them should probably be the default double jump as it allows you much better verticality.

However, if you’re finding things tough, it might be worth equipping a health giving trinket to help you more easily get better gear. Similarly, if you’re finding things too easy, maybe unequip the health trinket and try for some other, more random trinkets, such as Stan N Grab, which gives you ammo for melee kills.

Deathloop is available on PC and PS5.

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