Deathloop: How To Dual Wield

A wield pain in the backside.

Deathloop Dual Wielding
Deathloop Dual Wielding

Deathloop is a game that relishes in giving the player plenty of freedom in terms of how they approach objectives, including dual wielding weapons even if it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

To dual wield in Deathloop, you must first have two one-handed weapons that fit in the right hand in your inventory. Guns like the standard LIMP-10 and rarer The Fourpounder fit this mould.

To then equip it in your left hand, you must simply cycle through your left-handed items until you equip the second weapon for dual wielding. On PS5, you can cycle through your options with left on the D-pad.

You’re now able to dual wield in Deathloop. Bear in mind that you aren’t able to use slabs or ADS while dual wielding. Really, as cool as it is, dual wielding isn’t all that functional, especially as it seems to give very minimal aim assist on a controller.

However, you can collect special dual wield trinkets that help reduce recoil, like Pistolero and Double Trouble, so anyone who really wants to act out Die Hard is welcome to — just expect some speed bumps.

Deathloop is available on PC and PS5.

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