Dead By Daylight’s New Chapter, Roots Of Dread, Launches In June

Roots, bloody roots.

Dead By Daylight

During today’s sixth anniversary broadcast, Behaviour Interactive announced a brand new chapter coming to Dead By Daylight on June 7th for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Switch. It’s called Roots of Dread, and you can check out the trailer for yourself at the top of the page.

The 24th chapter in Dead By Daylight’s long history, Roots of Dread introduces a new Killer, Survivor and map to the game, shaking up the formula in a lot of key ways. The Killer, known as The Dredge, is a “formless mass of twisted limbs writhing in the shadows”, though it does come with an intriguing special ability: The Dredge can teleport between lockers in order to get the drop on unsuspecting survivors.

As for survivors, the new character will be Haddie Kaur, who’s already been introduced via the game’s Archives, though now she’ll be a fully playable survivor. Born in India but raised in Quebec, Haddie has already had some experience dealing with the supernatural.

The press release doesn’t mention what abilities she’ll be able to use, but the press release notes the following: “Having fought monsters in the past makes [Haddie] one of the few Survivors prepared to face off with Killers in the Entity’s Realm”. It seems like she might be able to defend herself from the killer in some limited capacity, though that’s to be confirmed. 

Finally, the new map is called Garden of Joy, and is set in a quaint American town. The main building is a classic family home, described as “a ghostly symbol of domestic horror set against a cold and dreadful backdrop”. If you’re a fan of maps like Haddonfield, this could be a new favourite for you. 

Dave Richard, Creative Director for Dead by Daylight, said the following about Roots of Dread in a press release: “We’re thrilled to be offering our players an original Chapter for the game’s anniversary this year. Dead by Daylight has grown and diversified itself tremendously since its creation, and with Roots of Dread, we focused on the essence of the game: visceral fear and the thrill of the hunt. The Dredge is a strange and creepy monster with a unique design, a first for Dead by Daylight Killers. It lurks and hunts from the shadows with the power to engulf Survivors in darkness, and I believe this makes for a very intense experience for all players.”

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