Days Gone’s Photo Mode Is A Tonne Of Fun

Who said the post-apocalypse had to be depressing?

Days Gone photo mode 4

Can you truly qualify a new game as a AAA production unless it has a photo mode of some kind? That’s the ethos Sony seem to have been sticking with for the past few years, Horizon Zero Dawn being the first time to start the trend, if I remember correctly. Days Gone is the latest PS4 exclusive with its own wallpaper producer, and it may be some of the most fun the game has to offer.

While it’s lacking in features (the ability to select preset filters one of the biggest), there are many ways in which you can turn the grimdark world of Days Gone a little brighter, which starts with Deacon himself. The “unusual” protagonist typically only has two modes — murdering and riding — but Days Gone’s photo mode allows him to get in touch with his light-hearted side, as you can see below.

Days Gone photo mode 2

Days Gone photo mode

Days Gone Photo Mode 5

You can also embrace his dark side and audition for the Sons of Anarchy reboot if you want to instead.

Days Gone wolf
Beating a wolf’s ass literally to death

As you might expect from a AAA open world game, Days Gone also doesn’t scrimp on the amount of gorgeous vistas it serves up.

Days Gone photo mode

Days Gone photo mode

Days Gone photo mode

Days Gone’s photo mode is intuitive, though I will be damned if I know what the right aperture is, or how to properly utilise contrast without making it look like a MySpace profile photo. There are options for frames, which, while nowhere near as interesting as seen in Marvel’s Spider-Man, do bring a bit of something extra.

It’s worth bearing in mind that these images have actually been compressed a couple of times, so they’re not actually reflective of just how pretty a game Days Gone can be at times. The facial animations are great and enemies fairly well detailed, so it’s just a shame that the game also has an ugly side sometimes.

I am playing through Days Gone right now and having a fairly good time. It’s not blowing me away by any means, but yeah — it’s good. How about you? Have you picked the game up?

UPDATE: wow, I only just noticed you can have advanced settings, too. This is a lot deeper than I thought.

Days Gone Photo Mode

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