David Hayter Stars in PSVR2’s Synapse


Announced as part of the PlayStation Showcase 2023, it appears that David Hayter will be lending his voice talents to Synapse, a new PSV2 title due out this July.

Here’s the synopsis:

Synapse takes place on the eve of a devastating global attack, masterminded by the nefarious Colonel Peter Conrad. Once a respected black ops leader, the Colonel has since gone rogue and become a notorious enemy of the state whose twisted thinking has reached dangerous new levels as he re-emerges onto the world stage threatening Armageddon.

That’s where you come in. You play as a highly trained operative, uniquely equipped to extract the information needed to stop the attack. After activating a scanner connected to the Colonel – you’re transported into the neuro-synaptic relay, a gateway within the Colonel’s mind.

You have no option but to break further into the Colonel’s twisted mindscape, battling against his increasingly deadly defenses as you bid to find the vital intel on how to prevent the launch of his biological weapon.

However, you’re not completely alone on this perilous mission. Your Handler, Clara Sorensen – a Director of the ultra-secretive Bureau V will be your only connection to the outside world, guiding you through each layer of Colonel Conrad’s warped subconscious.

While we can’t be sure, the female narrator also sounds like Suzetta Miñet, the voice of Eva. It’s been a very Metal Gear Solid 3 heavy night. UPDATE: it’s not Suzetta Miñet, but Jennifer Hale, the voice of Naomi Hunter. We were half right, dang it.

Synapse launches July 7th, 2023 and is being developed by nDreams.

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