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The Dark Crystal Sequel Comic Coming Next Year

When it comes to films in high demand of a sequel, The Dark Crystal is usually at the top of the list. Directed by both Muppets creator Jim Henson and the voice of Yoda himself, Frank Oz, the epic family fantasy grossed somewhat disappointing $40,577,001 on a budget of $15 million back in 1982. And while this amount is by no means awful, it wasn’t quite enough for Universal to green light a sequel. Henson died in 1990, and while there have been many attempts to deliver a follow-up over the years, nothing ever materialized.

Until now. A sequel is finally happening, but before you get too hyped up, keep in mind that it’s in the form of a comic, not a film. Published by Boom! Studios, The Hollywood Reporter got the lowdown on the 12 issue limited series titled The Power of the Dark Crystal.

the-dark-crystal-comic2It sees Jen and Kira, the heroes of the film, starting to neglect their duties as the leaders of the land of Thra. A young Fireling by the name of Thurma decides to try to use a shard of the infamous Dark Crystal to restore balance to the world, but unbeknownst to her, the endeavor could bring about the return of the Skeksis. Those infamous vulture politician things which have since become a huge part of our popular culture. I mean, who many times have you referred to a shady, greedy individual as a Skeksis? No? It’s just me? Well anyway, moving on.

Known for his work on 2000AD, Si Spurrier will write the series, which was adapted from an unproduced screenplay by David Odell, Annette Odell and Craig Pearce. Duo Kelly and Nichole Matthews will handle artwork, while Eisner winner Jae Lee provided the haunting cover illustration that you can see above. #1 will hit stores on Feb. 15, 2017.


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