Daily Tune: Snow Palms – Rite

Not enough weird, trippy neo-classical music in your life today? Well, you're in luck, there's a new Snow Palms track out.

David Sheppard has an astounding musical portfolio. He’s worked with Kieron Phelan, The Loft’s Peter Astor and numerous others, as well as penning one of the most formative studies on the work of Brian Eno – On Some Faraway Beach. He first adopted the Snow Palms name in 2012, when he collaborated with Ochre (Christopher Leary), and released Intervals, a neo-classical album structured around an array of mallet instrument recordings. It fell somewhere between Steve Reich, Philip Glass and the Akira soundtrack. Now, there’s a new Snow Palms track out.

Rite certainly has the same vibe as the material from the original album, but there’s a certain otherness to it which sets it apart from the 2012 material. There’s more electronic manipulation at work, and the tone of the piece is darker, more haunting. In places, it has more than a whiff of Vangelis about it. It’s the first track to be released from the upcoming album, Origin and Echo, which Sheppard has been developing for the past two years. Once again, Christopher Leary lent a hand, as well as omnichoridist Emma Winston and cupola drummer Lauri Wuolio.

The framing idea of the album, according to Village Green Records, is mirroring and rebounding, call and response. It could be applying to anything from migration to deja vu, and through the album’s eleven tracks, many different avenues are explored. The album is set to drop on the 17th of November.

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