A Collection of Poetry by Joey

Joey Imperi returns with some of his finest poetry yet on the theme of insanity through loss.



Utter Tranquility

There is no better feeling than sand between the toes

Except the warm touch of your lips

The smell of your hair, you know how the story goes…

I do that while holding your hips

Your eyes as wide and innocent as could be

I see everlasting beauty my dear

Remembering your last kiss with me…

was it our last is what I fear

To my heart and my mind

utter tranquility you give

what are the chances that I could find

any other way to live?



…of the Heart

The madness and insanity

The fear and despair

Of one heart being alone

Is almost too much to bear…

If only you knew

The wondrous love that awaits

And cared a little more

To accept one’s fate

To take a leap of faith

Is all I ever asked

You shouldn’t wait any longer

Let your heart become unmasked

Open up to it all

Do not be afraid anymore

One mustn’t wait too long to fall

Because true love is at your heart’s door…



Simply Put…

There is no other way
I refuse to sit back
I have something to say

Time is forever flying by
Waiting patiently for you
I hold back the tears and sigh

You are my dear
My everything forever
The loss of your love is what I fear

I am strong yet broken
Hurting in every way
These words are my small token

Simply put…
I love you

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