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The Charnel House Trilogy Sequel Announced by Owl Cave

Developer Owl Cave have finally announced the sequel to their 2015 cult hit The Charnel House Trilogy.

Some people may recall that Owl Cave released a free mini-game called Sepulcure back in 2014, and that game was later released as the second chapter of a larger game called The Charnel House Trilogy; the trilogy was bookended by another two chapters called ‘Inhale’ and ‘Exhale’.


I thought that this sequel had been quietly cancelled, since Owl Cave hadn’t mentioned it (ever to my knowledge) and there was no information to be found at all about it online. This was despite the fact that at the end of The Charnel House Trilogy credits it reads:

“Augur Peak will rise. 2016. Unleash the chaos.”


Since 2016 was nearly done and Augur Peak hadn’t yet risen, I was resigned to the fact that the game was no longer going to happen. At least that was the case until I saw a tweet that I had totally missed, by Owl Cave’s Olivia White, reading:

So Augur Peak is on the way it would seem. It’s odd as this tweet went out on Halloween and so few people have mentioned it, despite the fact the original game created a few small waves when it was released. Charnel House was by the same creators as the acclaimed Richard and Alice. I was critical when I first played The Charnel House Trilogy a couple of years ago – I loved the art design, story and feel of the game, but found the game lacking puzzles and the ones it had were more akin to fetch questions or just walking around.

That said, I believe the game was never meant to have puzzles, it was designed to convey a story, and at that it was superb. I’m looking forward to Augur Peak, Owl Cave look to be an interesting indie developer with a focus on delivering unique and forward thinking stories. This is why Owl Cave are a developer worth watching. Both Richard and Alice and The Charnel House Trilogy are both available on Steam and costs under a fiver each.