Celebrate May the 4th With Some Cheap Star Wars Games

Republic Commando

May the 4th is Star Wars Day, which can only mean one thing: deals on absolutely everything Star Wars and lots of barely related tweets from business account. What’s a special day worth if a bank can’t tell you to use the force to open an ISA?

To celebrate the day, Humble currently have a Star Wars sale on with heavy discounts on some of the best licensed games from the franchise. There are some real classics on offer, and also The Force Unleashed 2. Everyone involved with that game phoned it in.

Down to a ridiculously low price, Republic Commando is the first game you need to check out if you never have. It’s admittedly showing its age, but at 70% off an already low price, it’s worth picking up. It’s basically Rainbow Six meets Star Wars and it’s great.

Battlefront 2

If you wanted to play the non-polarising Battlefront II, it’s also down by 70% off to less than a price of a sandwich. The servers are still online, too, so you can rediscover your old memories of spending hours messing around with Grievous.

Elsewhere, the classic Knights of the Old Republic games are down to 70% off as well. Arguably BioWare’s highest point, they’re old-school RPGs that may not look the part these days, but they will certainly consume you if you let them all the same.

For a full list of games on offer, check out the Star Wars sale on Humble here. It finishes tomorrow, so act fast. If you want to see just how good the games are, be sure to check them out on our rundown of the very best Star Wars games.

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