CCK’s Kid Lykos Announces Retirement

The injuries have taken a toll on him.

CCK Kid Lykos

A heart-breaking moment for fans of British wrestling: the Problem Child of CCK has officially announced his retirement from in-ring competition.

The former Progress Tag Champion seemed to have been on a never-ending streak of bad luck with numerous injuries taking him out of action. Lykos and his partner Chris Brookes have become one of the most popular partnerships, often booked in almost every major BritWres promotion. CCK have picked up tag championships in Rev Pro, Fight Club Pro and, of course, Progress.

It’s a real shame to hear whenever a wrestler has to call it quits during their peak. Regardless, we wish Kid Lykos the very best and hope to see him take part in continuing to build the British wrestling scene in some capacity.

Thank you, Lykos.

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