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Cars 3 Poster Crashes and Burns

cars-3-posterBy now you’ve all seen the rather shocking (or as shocking as a Pixar film can get ) teaser for Cars 3, and Disney are continuing to feed the hype machine by releasing two brand new posters, which were exclusively revealed over on Yahoo.

Racing into screens on June 16, 2017, Cars 3 will see Owen Wilson return to voice Lightning McQueen, as he tries to make a comeback in the world of high stakes racing. There’ll also be a crash involved at some point. I dunno, the teaser and the posters kind of gave it away. Storyboard artist Brian Fee will make his directorial debut with the film, and other cast members include Larry the Cable Guy, Bonnie Hunt and Cheech Marin.

The Cars franchise has proved to be insanely profitable for Disney. The first film grossed a huge $462,216,280 back in 2006, with the sequel earning $562,110,557 five years later. As if that wasn’t enough, sales of merchandise revenue have totaled over 10 billion dollars globally. For a time, Cars was even the second most profitable franchise in the world in terms of merchandise sales, with Star Wars taking the top spot.

This of course begs the question of Disney’s real motives behind making the third movie in the first place. Are they doing because they genuinely want to create something that they feel passionate about? Or are they doing it to keep the series relevant, popular and recognizable with today’s young generation so that the toys continue to sell? My money’s on the latter.

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