You Can Finally Own the Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack On CD and Vinyl

Music to kill by...


You can now pre-order the soundtrack to Team Fortress 2 on both Vinyl and CD, via Amazon. 

Set to release on April 21, the soundtrack contains in-game music played by The Valve Studio Orchestra, composed by Valve’s sound director Mike Morasky. So far, it seems the only place to order is via US Amazon, though some countries might be able to order it to be shipped to them from the US. (Can confirm–you can order it to be shipped to the UK!) According to Amazon, the soundtrack is being released with Ipecac Recordings, who’ve also worked with artists such as Queens of the Stone Age and Skeleton Key.

Up until now, the only physical Team Fortress 2 soundtrack available to gamers was The Orange Box OST, which also contained songs from Half-Life 2 and Portal. Even this is hard to come by, however, and has been out of print since its release in 2007.

So far, there’s been no official word from Valve on the soundtrack’s new release, but we’ll update you as soon as more information becomes available to us. Will you be pre-ordering the soundtrack and dancing to it whilst wearing a balaclava and a minimum of three hats? Let us know below…

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