Bray Wyatt’s Creepy New Look Was The Work of Tom Savini’s Team

Yowie wowie trivia.

Yowie Wowie Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is the only good thing about Raw right now. That’s a statement that wouldn’t have been contentious maybe four years ago, but certainly would have been not too long ago with his character becoming entirely stagnant. Since falling into obscurity after Matt Hardy’s pseudo-retirement (their program also killed off his fear factor once and for all, but whatever), Bray recently resurfaced with a brand new look.

Reborn as a children’s TV show presenter with hidden darkness, Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House segments were initially met with some trepidation by the WWE fanbase who thought it was a step down from his previous character, but they were almost all won over in the following weeks. The most recent segment, in which he reveals his “dark secret”, is the best of them all, and even features work from a horror icon.

In the above clip (which is comfortably the most popular segment from the most recent Raw on YouTube), Wyatt unleashes his alter-ego, or is that his alter-ego’s alter-ego? Regardless, it’s pretty damn unsettling, featuring Wyatt in his hardcore Jim Sterling getup and a mask straight out of a horror movie. There’s even something discomforting about him saying “yowie wowie”; the character is just that good at this point.

As it turns out, Bloody Disgusting reports that Tom Savini, one of the most respected visual effects maestros in the history of horror, and his team were behind the design for Wyatt’s big reveal. They have even been the minds behind most of the segments with Jason Baker, Mandy June Simpson and Ell Farrington also credited asworking behind-the-scenes. One look at that mask should be enough to tell you that it has Savini’s fingerprints all over it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Savini, he cut his teeth in the business by working closely with George A. Romero on much of the icon’s filmography and would later go on to remake Romero’s Night of the Living Dead in the 90s. He’s worked on countless horror movies over the decades and has even popped up occasionally in front of the camera, most famously as Blades in Dawn of the Dead (a role he would repeat in Land of the Dead) and Sex Machine in From Dusk til Dawn. Savini also taught Greg Nicotero, the current effects maestro on The Walking Dead, the ropes.

It’s pretty wild that the very PG WWE would team up with a guy who knows how to make it look like someone’s guts are falling out to create one of the least family-friendly segments they’ve aired in years. God bless this storyline.

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