Burn Away Your Troubles in Bonfire Peaks

The new puzzle game from Draknek and Friends lets you solve puzzles by burning your belongings.

Developers Draknek & Friends, the team behind A Monster’s Expedition, and indie developer Corey Martin have unveiled a new trailer and release date for their upcoming title Bonfire Peaks, “a serene puzzle game about burning everything you own.”

According to a press release, the premise of Bonfire Peaks is that “players must set their belongings on fire in a lush voxel overworld – moving onwards, upwards, and leaving nothing behind!” 

What Is Bonfire Peaks?

The central loop of gameplay appears to be based around traversing areas by moving large boxes and other objects, with the ultimate goal being to burn everything you own. The voxel art style gives the game a unique visual style and sense of texture, which, combined with the trailer’s relaxed, mellow soundtrack, make Bonfire Peaks appear to be a chill, restrained puzzler about letting go of whatever past is plaguing its unnamed main characters. 

Where Can I Play Bonfire Peaks?

Bonfire Peaks will release on 30th September on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Playstation 5. A demo is also available on the Nintendo Switch and the official Steam page, with preorders now available on the eshop as well.

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