Bloober Team Tease New Horror Game Project Méliès


Fresh off the release of cyberpunk dystopia Observer last year, Bloober Team have already begun to further tease their next project.

Announced back in March, Project Méliès looks to be another psychological horror with what is now becoming a signature style from Bloober. Their last two games dealt heavily in the deterioration of mental health and reality, and though the new tease only gives the briefest of glances, it looks like it will adequately mess us up.

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Inspired by the art of George Méliès, one of the first pioneers of film who lost a great deal of his work in a fit of rage, Project Méliès looks like it has a silent movie aesthetic, though hopefully the gameplay doesn’t stop and start every few seconds for a cue card.

At a leap, I’d say Project Méliès might revolve around someone of weirdest work of Méliès or perhaps even try to “recreate” everything that he lost. Whatever the case, it’s going to be interesting to see how this one pans out. Nothing concrete is known about the game so far, so watch this space.

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