Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War – Release Date, Story & What You Should Know

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War
Bleach Thousand Year Blood War

Bleach is one of the top-tier shonen manga, introducing us to a world filled with Soul Reapers and Hollows. It has also sold over 130 million copies worldwide, becoming one of the all-time best-selling manga. Written by Tite Kubo, the supernatural action story got its well-deserved anime adaptation thanks to Studio Pierrot. But after seemingly ending in 2012, fans were heartbroken that the final arc won’t be animated, or so they thought.

Despite the anime’s cancellation, the manga continued for another 4 years. After the manga’s conclusion, there were still no signs of the anime getting renewed for another season. However, everything changed during Bleach’s 20th Anniversary Project Livestream, where an adaptation of the Thousand Year Blood War was announced.

Fans can finally rejoice since their beloved anime will get the conclusion it needs. The only question is, when will Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War be released?


When Is Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Coming Out?

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War will premiere on TV Tokyo on October 10th, 2022.

The new season will be animated by the same studio, Pierrot. They’re well-known for producing other anime such as Naruto, Black Clover, and Tokyo Ghoul. The studio will pick up where it left off when it last animated Bleach in 2012.

A trailer for Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War was also released recently. It features characters who are making their return and ones who will finally debut in the upcoming arc. If you want to watch the trailer yourself, you can find it on YouTube.


What Is Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War About? (Spoiler Warning)

The final season will adapt the Quincy Blood War, so expect to see an all-out war between the Gotei 13 and the Wandenreich. It covers Chapters 480-686 of the manga, so it starts right after the Lost Agent arc.

To refresh your memory, the Quincy are the complete opposites of the Soul Reapers. Instead of purifying Hollows, they destroy them every time they encounter one. Although it was believed they were exterminated 1000 years ago, they finally emerged from the shadows. It turns out that an empire of Quincy was hiding all this time, calling themselves the Wandenreich. After conquering Hueco Mundo, their leader Yhwach declares war against the Soul Society.

This arc will finally tie the loose ends of the story and give Bleach the send-off it deserves. Furthermore, you’ll learn more about Ichigo as a character since his origin and final form will be revealed. Some of the captains of the Soul Society will also show their true powers during the war. And lastly, expect a lot of jaw-dropping plot twists and surprises throughout the season.

War arcs in anime are always a spectacle to watch, so you can definitely look forward to Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War. If you want to catch up on Bleach up until now, you can check out the series on Blu-ray or via Crunchyroll.

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