5 Best NES HDMI Converters You Should Check Out

best HDMI convertors
best HDMI convertors

The Nintendo Entertainment System, known as the Famicom in Japan, changed the world forever. At least from a video game/pop culture perspective, but there’s something impressive about this system being as popular as ever after 40 full years. There are almost always people looking to get back to their childhoods and into retro gaming, which leads to a lot of questions of how to get started. Can you hook up your NES to a new TV? Probably not, and that’s where the best NES HDMI converters come into the conversation.

Before you buy anything, make sure you have something that will allow you to hook up your NES with ease, and even make the games themselves look better than they ever have. Or you can make sure they look as retro as possible on your smart TV or whatever the case may be. Let’s take a closer look at which NES HDMI converters are available to you.


The Best NES HDMI Converters

5. RuiPuo RCA to HDMI Converter

RuiPuo RCA to HDMI Converter
RuiPuo RCA to HDMI Converter

Price: $15.99

A solid budget-friendly choice that promises to support 1080p in both PAL and NTSC. The RuiPuo RCA to HDMI Converter also promises compatibility with a variety of different electronics, including that old NES that miraculously still works after hibernating in your attic for decades. Whether you want to hook up your NES to a modern television, your computer monitor, or even a projector to create a unique retro gaming atmosphere, the RuiPuo RCA to HDMI converter will do the trick.

This item converts its analog composite inputs into HDMI in stunning 720p or 1080p formats. Super Mario Bros 3, the original Dragon Quest, or The Legend of Zelda have never, ever looked as good as they’re going to be with the right HDMI converter. The upscaling for this RuiPuo device is exceptional, with reviews praising it for games that look and sound even better than they did decades prior.

You can certainly do worse than the RuiPuo RCA to HDMI Converter. Beyond the NES, it can work with your PS1, PS2, or even the PS3. It supports the Xbox, the Wii and Wii U, and even VCRs and DVD players. The converter even works with HDMI capture cards, although one isn’t included.


4. Tendak 3RCA CVBS Composite & S-Video R/L Audio to HDMI Converter

Tendak 3RCA CVBS
Tendak 3RCA CVBS

Price: $32.99

A sturdy little powerhouse designed for retro gamers specifically, the 3RCA CVBS Composite from Tendak is easy to like. While not compatible with the Sega Genesis (but with the Mega Drive), Nintendo fans in particular will be very happy with the long list of consoles supported by this Tendak converter. Designed for S-Video or RCA input to HDMI outputs and offering a great degree of control over your gaming experience, this is one of the first converters you should seriously consider. It was designed by people who wanted to make it easy for NES diehards and newcomers to hook up the converter and get started.

The composite video and S-video components can even maintain simultaneous connections, simply by pushing the switch. Someone with no experience in any of this may find the Tendak converter to be a little overwhelming. Hooking up and getting started, you’ll find, is actually very straightforward. You can toggle settings with ease to create the perfect NES experience on your smart TV, or whatever the case may be.

The Tendak 3RCA CVBS Composite HDMI Converter supports a ton of other retro consoles and may prove to be the only HDMI converter for retro gaming you’ll ever need.


3. HDSUNWSTD 3RCA AV CVBS Composite & S-Video R/L Audio to HDMI Converter


Price: $19.55

Utilizing a simple S-Video to HDMI conversion of the original input signal, the HDSUNWSTD 3RCA AV CVBS NES HDMI Converter accomplishes a lot. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of some converters, it gives you the essentials, including the ability to quickly and easily convert your input signals into 720p or 1080p formats. HDMI High Speed Full HD is even supported up to 1080p with this remarkable and affordable converter. You’re going to have everything plugged in and running smoothly very quickly.

Beyond automatically storing your input signals and output resolutions when the device is powered on again, this HDMI converter offers HDMI output for your Nintendo Entertainment System at 720P/60Hz, 1080P/60Hz, 480i, or 480P/576P. Again, we’re looking at a device that can accomplish a lot for anyone who wants to replay their favorite NES games like Metroid, Contra, or Fester’s Quest. Everything works with both PAL and NTSC TVs, and it’s almost a guarantee that your TV or other HDMI input device will work just fine.


2. ABLEWE RCA to HDMI/AV to HDMI Converter


Price: $11.99

Currently priced at $11.99, the Ablewe RCA to HDM/AV to HDMI Converter is the most affordable of the best NES HDMI converters. It’s at least comparable to other converters in the price range, when it comes to performance, versatility, and durability. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get your NES up and running on your new TV. Upscaling and conversion has never been more affordable for retro gaming fans.

Simple red, white, and yellow inputs offer instant 720p or even 1080p display. It’s impressive that this HDMI converter from Ablewe can take these 30–40-year-old games and turn them into classics basically updated for the modern effort. Yet these improvements do nothing to alter the gameplay or fundamental appeal of NES releases like Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom.

Like the best of these devices, Ablewe has a converter that offers a very wide degree of compatibility for both North American and European retro video game fans. Precision, color, sound, and perhaps most importantly the level and quality of detail are all well represented with the RCA to HDMI/AV to HDMI Converter.


1. SETUACT AV to HDMI Converter

SETUACT AV to HDMI Converter
SETUACT AV to HDMI Converter

Price: $14.99

One of our favorite things about the AV to HDMI Converter from Setuact is that you can buy individual pieces of everything included here. This is the best combination of value and performance in our opinion, although those looking for dramatic upscaling results might be a little disappointed. This is one of the best AV to HDMI converters on the market today, minor quibbles aside, and it’s well worth a purchase on your part.

Capable of working with consoles all the way to the seventh generation (PS3 and Xbox 360), you can be certain that the Setuact AV to HDMI Converter is also going to work with your NES. Even VCRs and DVD players can be connected safely and quickly to your new TV. No extra drivers are required either. This is an excellent showcase of the plug-and-play style that many of these NES HDMI converters use. If you want something that’s simple and under $20, Setuact can help.

Switching between 780p and 1080p couldn’t be simpler. You’re going to be pleased with the results of the Setuact AV to HDMI Converter, proving that if you’re eager to rediscover the magic of playing your favorite NES games, it’s never been easier or more affordable to get started.

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