Have the Best Halloween Party Ever With Our Very Own Mixtape

Halloween is a lot like Christmas in that it was a venerable pagan celebration appropriated by uptight Christians and then promptly rinsed to fuck by capitalism. Unlike Christmas, however, it’s actually way more fun and you don’t need to worry about spending the rest of the actual day sulking because you didn’t get that PS4 you wanted. Plus if loved ones have an argument then it’s just like any other day and not some super special occasion that’s been utterly ruined (yet again)

Halloween parties are fun because they’re cheap to put together, everyone gets dressed up (Slutty Sonic The Hedgehog! Zombie Marine Biologist! That One From Game Of Thrones!) and consumes voluminous quantities of booze, so it’s way easier – and there’s less pressure – to get laid than it would be during stupid bullshit like New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day.

A good Halloween party needs decent tunes, whether you wanna have a drunken dance-along with friends or use Thriller as an “in” to chat up a potential paramour (“The video used to scare me as a kid!”). Selecting the right music can be tricky as you want to have populist party anthems but also look cool enough (“Oh this is an Italian prog rock who were an influence on Daft Punk”) that people leave nice comments on your Facebook afterwards.

Such an undertaking can be tricky and you’ll need time to apply corpse paint or make some amaretto sours, so I’ve done the heavy lifting and made a custom playlist, perfect for when you’re warming up, in full swing or winding down. All songs either have a spooky theme or feature prominently in some of the best horror/sci-fi/cult movies ever made. Play it in sequence if you want or stick it on shuffle, and yes The Monster Mash is on there because we all know that’s the greatest Halloween song of all time. If you don’t agree with me then you’re wrong. Soz.

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