Best Deals From The Steam Summer Sale 2018

Darkest Dungeon

Well, knock me down with a giant turnip truck: it’s only the ruddy Steam Summer Sale. Our lord and master Gabe Newell (all hail the Gabe) has gifted us some ball-bustingly good deals, so prepare to worry PayPal, ‘cause it’s time to spend spend spend. Here are some of the best deal from the Steam Summer Sale 2018.

Bomber Crew – 50% off – now £7.49
One of the best rated games ever on Cultured Vultures is now 50% off, and it is truly a fantastic little indie game. If you want to try something amazing and a bit different, then get yer laughing gear around Bomber Crew.

Ni No Kuni II – 40% off – Now £29.99
While not particularly ‘cheap’, it’s still a good discount for a £50 game on Steam. Also, it’s still relatively new, only being released on Steam in March so it’s a good discount for a game that’s a barely a few months old. And it’s bloody lovely looking, worth the price for the graphics alone.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – 33% off – now £18.08
I’ve never really understood PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and I hate to say it PUBG fans, but Fortnite Battle Royale feels like a better game. But PUBG does have a fan base, so if you’re curious to try it then now’s the time to buy. Maybe read up on the slew of negative reviews that have plagued the game recently first, though.

Fallout Franchise – 30%-50% off
All four games in the main series plus Tactics and New Vegas are all here and are all highly discounted. It’s hard to believe that Fallout 4 came out in 2015, where has the time gone? But it’s now available for £9.99 so it’s a great buy, or my personal favourite Fallout: New Vegas is only £7.49, and if you’re feeling a bit of retro fever why not check out where it all began? Fallout is only £1.99.

Road Redemption – 50% off – now £7.49
I very nearly picked up this spiritual successor to Road Rage the other day. Road Redemption features the familiar motorcycle racing and combat, mixed up with modern graphics. Its received some great feedback so this could be the time to give it a try.

Final Fantasy XV -50% off – now £17.49
This one is very tempting asI nearly bought it on PS4 recently and now I’m glad I waited. 50% is a great discount, and like Ni No Kuni II, FFXV’s Windows edition was only released on Steam in March. It’s a cracking RPG that manages to take a familiar formula and do something fresh with it.

Planet Coaster – 55% off – now £13.49
Now this is a game that everyone at Vultures knows I love, and while it isn’t perfect, it is possibly the most comprehensive theme park building game available today. This spiritual successor to Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 has a considerable saving right now so those who haven’t delved in yet really should now.

Just Cause 3 XL – 85% off – now £4.49
Excited for the upcoming Just Cause 4, but just can’t wait? why not take a jump into the parachute straps on Rico Rodriguez and take a shot at Just Cause 3? This is a tempting title as while I played the first two to death, form some reason I’ve not touched the third game in the series. With a just locale to explore at a miniscule price, this one could be a no brainer.

The Forest – 33% off – now £10.37
Only 33% off? Really, W.B? Yes, really. The Forest was only released back in April after spending years in early access, so all in all, this technically is a fairly new game. For me, The Forest is the finest survival single player experience on PC today, and also manages to do what many other survival games haven’t, as it tells a fantastic, mysterious story.

Rust – 75% off – now £6.94
Rust, a painfully hardcore multiplayer survival game, is not for everyone. Rust has been floating around for a while on Early Access but quietly released earlier this year. While its thunder has been stolen by other survival games over the past few years, it is still a solid and well made game, but again, it’s not for everyone.

Darkest Dungeon – 70% off – now £5.69
Fancy taking a stroll into dungeons that will probably make you go actually insane with terror? Yep, me too. Darkest Dungeon was very popular when it originally released back in 2016, with its atmosphere drenched in Lovecraftian horror. Like Rust, it’s not for everyone, but those who love a D&D inspired challenge will want to step into the Darkest Dungeon.

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