BattleTech Headlines October 2019 Humble Monthly

Prepare for Titanf—wait.


A new month means it’s time for a new Humble Monthly early unlock, and October’s offering is BattleTech.

With overall mostly positive reviews on Steam, Battletech comes from the minds behind Shadowrun Returns.

A turn-based tactical mech game, you take command of a gaggle of mercenaries in the midst of a civil war. It’s your job to lead your company to glory and to improve them one step at a time.

Battletech is the early unlock for the month — more will be revealed this time next month. Humble have previously revealed one or two games after the early unlock reveal, which is looking likely for this one — two games are usually revealed, not just the one.

Humble Monthly will give you a clutch of games for one low price; you constantly get better deals than the RRP with a subscription.

Humble Monthly costs $10 a month. You have the ability to pause a month if the early unlocks aren’t for you.

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