Looks Like Battlefront II Is The Next PlayStation Plus Game, Not Spider-Man (UPDATED)

Blasters set to sad.

Battlefront 2 vader

UPDATE: The leak has now been confirmed.

ORIGINAL STORY: After already revealing and releasing Call of Duty: WWII as part of June 2020’s PlayStation Plus line-up, it looks like the second game may have leaked, if a promotional video is to be believed.

The below video apparently popped up on Instagram, showing that Star Wars: Battlefront II will accompany WWII on June 2nd.

While you should usually be very cynical about all PlayStation Plus leaks, the video is a little too well put together to be dismissed. It’s a montage of both games with the styling being on-brand, including a closing message about Days of Play: a PlayStation-centric sale.

If the leaked game is to be Battlefront II, it will be interesting to see how most people view it now after its salvage mission following an infamous launch. At the time of initial release, Battlefront II was just about the most hated game of all time, its pay-to-win and grindy nature leading EA and DICE to change quite a few things.

I didn’t play it all that long ago, and while the campaign is just a light distraction and the multiplayer is nothing particularly inspired, it’s by no means a bad inclusion for PlayStation Plus. Both games (if this leak is true after all, mind you) might satiate those looking for bona fide AAA titles after the backlash to May’s releases, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I do, however, have to draw attention to this.

SHOOT ME YOU COWARDS from r/StarWarsBattlefront

As for the belief that Marvel’s Spider-Man would be the next PlayStation Plus game, it’s currently being used as the poster boy for PlayStation Now, so it’s unlikely Sony would want to detract from the selling power of that. Don’t forget, though, this leak could be inaccurate, so just hang tight until Sony release the official line-up.

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that’s a requirement to play all paid games online that also gives players “free” games each month, as well as discounts on certain games on the PlayStation Store.

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