Battlefield 1943 Available Now Via Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Battlefield 1943

If you can’t wait to get your grubby little hands on Battlefield V, the upcoming World War 2 shooter from EA and DICE, we’ve got the next best thing for you. Right now, you can download Battlefield 1943 for your Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Check it out below.

In an added bit of good news, at least for any EA Access members, you can download the game for free as part of The Vault, and enjoy unlimited access to the full game, which includes 3 maps and 12 vs 12 multiplayer across land, sea and air. It’s a much more intimate affair than the more recent Battlefield games, but despite its age, there’s still a healthy player base to be found. Expect it to grow now that it’s backwards compatible and on EA Access.

Are you excited for Battlefield V? Will you be revisiting Wake Island in Battlefield 1943? Sound off in the comments below, and speaking of Xbox, check out some of the best free to play games available right now

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