Banksy’s Dismaland Turned Into Shelter for Refugees

Art is made for a purpose, almost never having a sense of futility. Banksy, much like a modern day sociologist, recently took a realist approach to one of his/her newest pieces, Dismaland byhowing how the progress of technology juxtaposes with the decline in actual human-to-human contact has had along with the effects of capitalism for those who it doesn’t benefit as much.

Banksy has now made art even more purposeful, as Dismaland is now “opening up” not to entertain those who are lacking provocative thoughts, but those seeking refuge and safety; those that our ever so lovely and understanding Prime Minister, David Cameron, called a “swarm”. Currently, our “neighbour” France is acting as a temporary home for refugees, who had to leave their country to escape life-threatening scenarios. As would any of us, if our home wasn’t safe, you’d leave to somewhere safe. However, in Calais, also known as the “jungle”, it hasn’t been the safe and secure welcoming as some may have expected.

Conditions in the “jungle” are inhabitable, with small makeshift tents and rat infestations. These aren’t conditions acceptable for people to live in, especially in a developed country, surrounded by other developed countries. Therefore, degenerative artist Banksy is deconstructing Dismaland and sending over the materials such as timber in order for it to be put to better use, such as making efficient shelter.

To legitimise his/her decision, it was made official on the Dismaland  website that the bemusement park would be closing down and that tickets were no longer on sale, after making a profit of £20 million during the summer. This really did show that Banksy isn’t incorporated into the fundamentals of money, and has taken on a positive approach to help the refugees.

All in all, people need help and we shouldn’t join in on the hypocrisy and help where we can, whether it’s sending over timber or old clothes. Or donate now at

If you were Banksy would you do the same? Let us know what you’d do and comment below.

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