Austin Tice Banner Posted on the Front of the Newseum in Washington, D.C.


A new banner has been posted on the front of the Newseum in Washington, DC.

It shows a photograph of freelance writer Austin Tice next the words “Held Captive For Being a Journalist Since August 2012.”

Tice, 35, was reporting on Syria’s civil war when he was taken captive in August 2012. He wrote for multiple news sources including the AP, The Washington Post and McClatchy Newspapers.

Debra Tice

At the Newseum press conference, his mother Debra Tice said, “His captivity is indicative of the very real dangers journalists face to exercise the fundamental human right to information, opinion, and expression.”

“Austin Tice is the last American journalist captive abroad,” said Delphine Halgand, the US director of Reporters Without Borders. “This banner for Austin is a first. This is the first time a major American institution, such as the Newseum, displays a banner for an American journalist captive.”

In 2014, a McClatchy video was released regarding his captivity.

The Newseum, a museum dedicated to journalism and the press, is on Pennsylvania Ave, the same street as the White House. The speakers called on President Obama to assist in freeing Tice.

Douglas Jehl, foreign editor of The Washington Post said that Tice’s case has drawn attention “at the highest level” of the US government. He added that, “public attention is absolutely indispensable.”

“There is no doubt that none of us will rest until Austin is free,” said Jehl.

In December 2015, the Tices’ released a holiday video to their son.

Now, ten months later, in the shadow of the Newseum building, Debra Tice said, “Austin’s continued captivity is indicative of the growing global indifference, and even acceptance, of efforts to silence journalists.”

“We call on Austin’s captors to reach out and make it clear how we can resolve this situation and get our son safely home.”

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