Arifureta: Season 3 – Everything You Should Know

Arifureta's getting renewed at an extraordinary rate


Isekai is the most crowded genre as of late since every other day there’s a “transported into another world” anime coming out with promises of amazing adventures. Surprisingly, Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest actually lived up to the hype, and it was so good in fact that a huge fanbase is now established, and as a result, a second season aired soon after the first one.

The story on the other hand remains incomplete since there’s a whole lot of source material left. Luckily, Arifureta: Season 3 has been officially confirmed, and by the pace the show’s getting renewed, this seems like only the beginning.


When Is Arifureta: Season 3 Coming Out?

Although the announcement for Arifureta: Season 3 came as a pleasant surprise, it wasn’t paired with a release date. The second season finished airing in March 2022, whereas the confirmation for the sequel came in the latter half of the year. It’s still really early to predict the air date, but Spring 2024 wouldn’t be too far off.

A key visual for Arifureta: Season 3 featuring Hajime and Yue was also unveiled as a part of the renewal announcement, but that’s just about all we’re getting for quite a while. The third season will likely have 13 episodes, and that’s great news for two reasons. One because we’re getting another season, and second because considering how popular the anime is, and that a lot of light novel volumes are still left to be adapted, a fourth season may be greenlit right after as well.


What Is Arifureta: Season 3 About? (Spoiler Alert)

The story in Arifureta: Season 3 will pick up from volume 7 of the light novel, right after Hajime decides to head with his party into the next part of the dungeon. However, Hajime later changes course when news of the Haulia fending off the Empire, as well as the Demons, reaches him.

The upcoming chapters in the light novel have a lot of plot build-up as taking down the Empire is the major theme. This leads to the introduction of a few new antagonists, but Hajime’s pretty powerful at this point, so most of them end up being a walk in the park for him.


Which Studio Is Making Arifureta: Season 3?

Studio Asread and Studio Mother will likely be animating Arifureta: Season 3. Most die-hard fans would’ve noticed that the anime’s visuals took a turn for the better when the second season came out. The gloomy and dark color palette of the series was replaced with a flashy and vibrant art style.

This happened as a result of a change in production from Studio White Fox (Goblin Slayer) to Studio Mother, while Asread (Future Diary) reprised its place. The new animation felt like a massive upgrade over the poorly designed CGI in the past, and the pacing, although not completely on par with the fans’ expectations, was still an upgrade. Hopefully, the few minor issues that are cause for concern are dealt with in Arifureta: Season 3.


Where Will Arifureta: Season 3 Be Aired?

Like the previous two seasons, Arifureta: Season 3 will be streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu when it releases. Unfortunately, the series hasn’t been added to Netflix or Amazon Prime’s anime catalog as of yet, but it’s doubtful it’ll ever be.

The anime has been a blast of an isekai so far, and it keeps getting interesting with time. With Arifureta: Season 3 officially set to return, it’ll only be a little while before everyone’s back jamming in the realms of True World Astral.

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