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Log Horizon
Log Horizon

Following Sword Art Online’s massive rise to fame, lots of people have tried to replicate that formula with varying degrees of success. One of the few that managed to stand out and make a name for itself is Log Horizon, which has had three season so far. It’s about a video game called Elder Tale which mysteriously traps tens of thousands of its players inside the game, unable to escape. Shiroe, the main protagonist must learn to survive in this fantasy world he now has to call home.

It took about six years for Log Horizon: Season 3 to come out after Season 2 had ended. Now that it’s over, when can fans expect Log Horizon: Season 4 to come out?


When Is Log Horizon: Season 4 Being Released?

There is currently no confirmation on the production of Log Horizon: Season 4. Since there is currently not enough material to adapt to another season, it will likely stay this way for a while.

As fans have noticed, there was a long break between the second and third seasons. Mamare Touno, Log Horizon’s writer, was charged with tax evasion in 2015. That and the Covid pandemic were probably the biggest factors that slowed Log Horizon’s production to a standstill.

Log Horizon started off as a web novel before getting light novel and manga adaptations; and eventually, an anime adaptation. There are currently 13 completed volumes of the web novel, with the 14th volume only half done. Sadly, the web novels have not been updated since 2018, and Mamare Touno has not made any statements on when and if he plans on picking the series back up.


What Would Log Horizon: Season 4 Be About?

The third season adapted Volumes 11-13 of the web novel, so Log Horizon: Season 4 would adapt Volumes 14 and onwards. However, since only half of Volume 14 is finished, that’s all the plot that fans can get for now.

The completed chapters of Volume 14 involve the Round Table and Hwyaden reopening negotiations in Minami. Kazuhiko perceives Quon as a threat to Theldesia and murders him with his katana imbued with a flavor text that supposedly causes souls to move on to a new world.


Which Studio Could Make Log Horizon: Season 4?

NHK led the Log Horizon anime’s production, while Statelight animated Season 1 but got replaced by Studio Deen for Seasons 2 and 3. If a Log Horizon: Season 4 anime ever gets greenlighted, these should be the teams to do it.

NHK is a popular Japanese broadcasting company that’s more widely known for its news broadcasts rather than anime. They still have a pretty wide selection of anime though, including To Your Eternity and March Comes In Like A Lion.

Statelight, on the other hand, is well-known for their anime. They’re the animation studio behind Fairy Tail and Hellsing Ultimate.

Studio Deen is another big name in the animation industry. They’ve animated Sakamoto Desu Ga? and another popular isekai anime, Konosuba.


Where To Watch Log Horizon

The only places where you can watch the entire Log Horizon series are Crunchyroll and Funimation, depending on your region. If Log Horizon: Season 4 ever comes out, it’s safe to assume these platforms will have it.

Individual seasons are available on other platforms too. Season 1 is available on Netflix, and Season 3 is also on Bilibili and Wakanim.

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