Apex Legends Season 3 Map: All World’s Edge Named Locations

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Apex Legends Season 3 2

With Apex Legends Season 3, Respawn have taken the pretty brave step of introducing a brand new map while getting rid of the original — at least for the time being. World’s Edge has replaced Kings Canyon for Meltdown, which has also introduced Crypto as the new Legend.

Crypto is actually the one responsible for the map change, his attack on Repulsor at the start of Season 2 causing the wildlife of Kings Canyon to run amok. Now part of the roster, Crypto and the gang do battle on at the World’s Edge arena, which on the planet Talos. It looks like we may canonically return to Kings Canyon as trailers for the new season mentioned that the old map would be undergoing some work, but who knows when.

Here, then, is the World’s Edge map for Apex Legends Season 3, along with all the named locations.


Apex Legends Season 3 Map

Apex Legends Season 3 map

– Capitol City
– Drill Site
– Fuel Depot
– Lava City
– Lava Fissure
– Overlook
– Refinery
– Skyhook
– Sorting Factory
– The Dome
– The Epicenter
– The Geyser
– The Train Yard
– The Tree
– Thermal Station

World’s Edge Named Locations: 15
Kings Canyon Named Locations: 17

Biggest Location: Capitol City
Smallest Location: Overlook

Northernmost Location: Refinery
Southermost Location: The Dome
Easternmost Location: Overlook
Westernmost Location: Lava Fissure

It’s worth bearing in mind that there’s also a train looping around the map, which also has its own loot. It’s probably the most significant addition for the season, which means certain death if you land there.

While we don’t know yet whether Legend takeovers will return, there’s a high chance they will due to their reception. The Octane and Wraith takeovers changed up parts of Kings Canyon to reflect the theme of the Legend and even tell some story at the same time, so don’t be surprised to see them come to World’s Edge, too.

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