Amnesia: The Bunker – Can You Change Difficulty?

Amnesia The Bunker
Amnesia The Bunker

Amnesia: The Bunker is one of the trickier games to come out in a minute, especially if you don’t know where everything is without easy access to the map and you keep running into danger. Death comes quickly, as the beast can kill you in a single hit, which can make the game a little bit difficult to enjoy. Is there any way of changing difficulty, then?

The answer is no, you cannot change difficulty if you’ve already started a playthrough in Amnesia: The Bunker. If you’re struggling with the difficulty or actually want to make your escape even harder, you’re either going to have to start a new game or soldier through.

There are a few ways of making the game easier for yourself, though. The first is to make sure the generator is constantly fuelled, as the beast is likelier to come out in darkness. You can also find items like the lighter to help you craft torches without the need to use the noisy flashlight. Then there’s the fact that you can also get your hands on the Shotgun to open doors and also help you in dealing with the beast.

If you’re wondering about the differences in difficulty, easy makes the beast take one less hit to repel, and also he comes out far more often. On hard, it’s the inverse.

Need a bit more of a guiding hand while bunkering down? Here’s how you can get rid of those pesky rats.

Amnesia: The Bunker is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S.

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