Amnesia: Rebirth: How To Unlock Multiple Endings

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Amnesia Rebirth

Heavy spoilers follow for Amnesia: Rebirth’s multiple endings.

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Amnesia: Rebirth, the latest horror from the morbid minds at Frictional Games, is a mostly linear adventure into the darkness without much player choice. You can, however, unlock multiple endings in Amnesia: Rebirth by doing certain things in the final encounter.

With three endings in total, you are able to experience them all during the same playthrough — just load from the main menu and then follow our guide on how to unlock each ending. You don’t have to start a new game to see all of the endings, though Rebirth is a game that has plenty of replayability anyway.

Here’s the lowdown on how to unlock Amnesia: Rebirth’s multiple endings, Good, Bad, and Neutral.

Good Ending
Neutral Ending
Bad Ending


Amnesia: Rebirth: Good Ending

Amnesia Rebirth Good Ending
Amnesia Rebirth Good Ending

Take the child from the cot and then head towards the exit, picking up the vitae that powers the door on your way.

Once you get back into the main area, the Empress will react angrily and attack you with a deadly blast. Struggle with the left stick/mouse to get away.

From here, you just have to sneak around the Empress and avoid her blast, making your way to the same door that you first entered the area through. Go up to the portal, insert the vitae, press the button and then a cutscene will play in which Tasi and her child escape to Paris.


Amnesia: Rebirth: Neutral Ending

Amnesia Rebirth Neutral Ending
Amnesia Rebirth Neutral Ending

The Neutral Ending is actually the most difficult ending out of the multiple endings in Rebirth. You could even argue that it is more of a bad ending overall.

Following the same steps as the Good Ending, take the child and then the vitae and make your way back to the main area. The Empress will again react angrily, but make your way over to one of the tunnels around the outside of the room instead of the main door.

Use the vitae on a lock near the door down the tunnel and then make your way into the room. Go into your inventory and refill your injector with the fluid you used during the sequence in The Factory to explode the pods and cause the red flesh to appear. Inject it into the controls.

Repeat this in two more tunnel rooms and then The Tower will be engulfed in the red flesh, the Empress quickly dying before Tasi and her child (presumably) follow suit. A subsequent cutscene shows the Empress’ world and all of its subjects and experiments being consumed by the red flesh.


Amnesia: Rebirth: Bad Ending

Amnesia Rebirth Bad Ending
Amnesia Rebirth Bad Ending

The Bad Ending in Rebirth is by far the easiest to unlock.

Pick the child up and then place them back in the cot. Walk back into the main area and then the Empress will fully convert Tasi into a scavenger with her daughter now under the Empress’ care.

A cutscene shows Tasi, now completely a scavenger, planting her drawing of a child in front of a mysterious castle.

You can also unlock this ending by failing to escape from the Empress during the final encounter.

Amnesia: Rebirth is available for PC and PS4.

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