Alt-Right Snowflakes Now Have A Chrome Extension For Protection


Every day I see people finding ways to insult each other with new phrases online. Browsing through comments sections is like a game of slur bingo: who can cross off the most shitty and nonsensical ripostes in a single thread?

2017 already represents the year when the most restrained of us are picking up pitchforks and flinging feces at anyone who disagrees with the values we hold dear. You need only look at Donald Trump as an easy target, someone who’s so averse to criticism that he will probably break out in hives if he doesn’t tweet about it immediately. It’s not just him, however. Many political figures are now acting like your annoying cousin online – hardly behaviour befitting someone in power.

Because the culture war online is no place for those who can’t hack being called names, a fancy new Chrome extension has popped up for the most thin-skinned bunch of little cuties you will ever come across: the notorious alt-right. The best thing about it is that it turns the tables around and shows just how winceworthy their special brand of the English language is.

Going by the name of Alt-Space, it’s a simple extension that scans the content of pages to see if there’s anything that might trigger your Aryan sensibilities. Black Lives Matter, trans discussion, and many more flags will help the extension decide if you can handle what lies ahead. If you need to flee immediately and find a space space in which to plan more shit frog memes, a handy button will take you to the haven of Rick Astley.

There is no news on whether the extension will support daily doses of Alternative Facts in the future to really help you wake up in the morning and excitedly whirlwind your fists in all directions.

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