You’re Probably a Cuck But That’s Okay


Hey, you. Have you ever stood up against the mistreatment of women? Tried to carry yourself with a bit of common decency when dealing with people online? Or have you ever used a search engine? Taken a dump at work as soon as you arrive in the morning so you get paid for it?

I have some news for you. You’re a cuck.

Or at least that’s what the alt-right section of the internet wants you to believe.

Before it was adopted and bastardised by people who had never felt the warm embrace of someone they loved, cuck (or cuckold) actually meant something. Used as early as the 13th century, cuckold referred to a man who enjoyed watching his wife have sex with another man. It’s derived from the sneaky techniques of the cuckoo bird, known for leaving their eggs in another bird’s nest, tricking them into bringing the hatchlings up as their own. Even from its early origins, cuckold as a word hasn’t made much sense.

cuckoo clock

Its earliest known use online stems from 2007, but cuck rose to prominence during that messy period of shouting into the void known as GamerGate. It also wouldn’t take a scientist to guess that it is widely found on 4chan, so much so that it’s believed that the usage of the term towards m00t led to the founder’s disenfranchisement with the website and its subsequent sale. As it is now, cuck is mainly used to insult the masculinity of other males who show compassion towards the feminist movement and more recently against anyone who has anything bad to say about Donald Trump.

Or, hell, just about anyone who owns a penis and doesn’t belong to the alt-right movement.

The effectiveness of any insult is determined by exactly how accurate it is, which is why so many racists get riled up when you call them out on it. Calling a right-winger a racist is often an easy way of getting a rise or condemning them, but “cuck” is their equivalent. A charmer by the name of Auschwitz Soccer Ref posted exactly that sentiment over on the cesspit of the internet know as The Right Stuff. I’m not even going to link to it here as the tagline for the site is terrible, but you can Google “Cuck” is Our “Racist” and find it that way:

“Cuck” works for the same reason that “racist” works: it is an irrational word that cannot be deconstructed with reasoning. Just as “racist” hits rightists hard because it attempts to psychopathologize (sic) the healthy preference for our own race, “cuck” is devastating to leftists because they are being described as the most humiliating kind of man possible, one who gets aroused by letting another man—or other men—have sex with his wife.

The big issue with Mr. Ref’s comments? Calling someone a cuck is almost never accurate as cuckolding isn’t at all widespread. A study issued in Trends in Ecology and Evolution noticed that cuckoldry has “stayed near constant at around 1% across several human societies over the past several hundred years”, which means that you’re about as likely to be a millionaire as you are to enjoy watching another guy stick it to your wife.

But that doesn’t stop them from using it. Cuck doesn’t even mean anything now. It’s used to insult liberals, men who are perceived as being weak, politically correct, hairy, not hairy, have two ears, possess fingernails, pick their nose – you get the idea. The likes of Jim Sterling and Andy Richter have even been called it to little effect.

As long as it keeps being bandied around by the alt-right as much as a simple “hello”, any potency that “cuck” has continues to diminish. You need only look at how attitudes towards the insult “cunt” have changed within the past two decades. Where once it was a word only to be used in the most extreme circumstances, eliciting gasps whenever it was dropped like a megaton bomb, “cunt” can now be heard with regularity and with little impact, almost to the extent that it’s barely worse than a simple “fuck”.

“Cuck” is going the same way. It doesn’t help that those that throw it around and hope that it actually means a damn thing are effectively holding up a placard that says “disregard anything I say”. It’s going to someday soon be the new “gay”: a one-time slur that is now just an empty word used to voice a disagreement in opinion. Just like any gay person will be proud to be gay, an actual cuckold would probably refer to themselves as it with pride. They are also almost certainly rankled that it’s being used derogatorily by people who use scenes from Romper Stomper as mental lube.

It probably won’t be long before you get called it online by someone with a poorly photoshopped Donald Trump meme as their avatar if you haven’t already. When it happens, just remember that even if you were a cuck, it would be more action than they are ever likely to get and move on with your life. Let them fester, cuckooing away to themselves in their own little echo chamber and making as many shit memes as they want.

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