Alone in the Dark: How to Unlock the Shotgun

Alone in the Dark shotgun
Alone in the Dark shotgun
GameDeveloperRelease DatePlatform(s)
Alone in the DarkPieces InteractiveMarch 20th, 2024PC, PS5, Xbox Series

The Shotgun is the first new weapon you can unlock in Alone in the Dark 2024. However, when you find it in the Derceto Manor’s small parlour, it’s locked inside a cabinet.

To unlock the Shotgun, players have two choices. The first is to simply wait until they return from the Cemetery, after which the cabinet will be open when they come back to it. The second is to collect the following Lagniappes: the Collar found in the Drawing Room, the Rubber Stamp in the Waiting Hall, and the Fountain Pen from Batiste’s room. Return to the cabinet with these collectibles to gain early access to the gun.

We’d recommend that you just wait for the cabinet to normally unlock, as it’s a lot of extra hassle for something that will just unlock anyway within a short space of time. However, if you want all of the endings, you’re going to want to collect those Lagniappes.

The Shotgun takes shells and can shoot twice before needing to be reloaded. It cannot be upgraded. You know where to aim at this point, unless this is your first ever survival horror.

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