ALBUM REVIEW: Eagle & The Wolf – ‘Eagle & The Wolf’

eagle and the wolf

“Built from heartbreak, forged on love.”

That’s the first line of the bio on Eagle and the Wolf’s website, and it sounds like the beginning of a bit of poetry I’d like to hold.

Sarah Humphreys and Kris Morris make up the Australian based duo Eagle and the Wolf. Separately, they’re known for indie pop and alt-country music; together, they’ve created a sort of funky folk fusion sound that grabs the heart and squeezes the soul. The lyrics alone are enough to pack a heavy emotional wallop, but set to music and belted out by the clear, honest voices of this up and coming pair makes the album nothing short of dynamic. The raw truth found in the words on the Eagle and the Wolf album is something that strikes the heart of the listener with a reminder that at the core of us, the highs and lows of the human experience are the same for us all.

There is something about Sarah’s voice that feels to me somewhat Janis Joplin-esque; not so much the sound of it as the free spirit quality behind it. There is a definite sense of, “Here I am and I’m not worried if you dig this or not, because I love what I’m doing,” that makes me grin as I listen. Her voice paired with Kris’s throaty vocals is a perfect match, and together they’re grinding out a unique style.

The Eagle and the Wolf album consists of ten songs, each one with a distinct sound. It’s all Americana, sure, but with different twists and different stories. “Tired and Lost” is likely my favorite song on the album, with a soul-wrenching pull that resonates deep within. “Hips” is another fave, with a fun, catchy vibe that makes my knees inadvertently bounce. “When the Love has Died” hurts my heart, and that’s something good, real music should do on occasion.

When there’s nothing wrong, wrong, wrong

When there’s nothing right, right, right

When you’re standing still, still, still

When the love has died.”

If those lyrics don’t rip your guts out and throw them on the floor, buddy, I’ve got to tell you, you’re probably made of cold, hard, stone. The heartfelt caliber of Eagle and the Wolf is one of its greatest draws, and at the risk of baring my hippie soul here, the entire album makes me feel as if I’m dancing in the forest with my eyes closed.

Kris and Sarah tell stories with their music that are so raw, so honest, it seems clear experience has become their inspiration, and that’s what makes the connection with their listeners. This is folk music with an added punch, and I’m looking forward to hearing what comes next for this talented duo.

“Built from heartbreak, forged on love.”

Indeed. Like separate pieces of metal forged together through fire, the singers of Eagle and the Wolf have created something unique and beautiful with their new self-titled album.

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