AEW Double Or Nothing 2020: Match Card & Predictions

Hope you're not sick of empty arena shows yet.

Source: AEW

As we approach a potential turning point in the era of lockdown, wrestling shows are still churning out content like it’s nobody’s business. With both WWE and AEW adhering to social distancing laws by keeping the action behind close doors, we can at least sit back and enjoy a break from everything with some unique takes on how pro wrestling should be presented during these dark times.

AEW’s second pay-per-view of the year comes this Saturday evening, hailing from the originally planned venue in Las Vegas with a card worthy of your subscription to Fite TV. This could very well be the pinnacle of pro wrestling content from the pandemic era, depending on how motivated fans are to tune in for another empty arena show.

Tony Khan seems more than happy to double down on his annual event, even signing celebrities like Mike Tyson to help add flavour to the already marquee championship matches. With the majority of the AEW roster ready and willing to put on a great show this weekend, we highly recommend you put aside any burnt out passions and tune in for what promises to be a fantastic night of entertainment.

With this in mind, we run down the match card and provide our own predictions on what we think is going to go down in Las Vegas. Make sure you throw down your own hot takes in the comments section below.


Jon Moxley vs Brodie Lee – AEW Championship

A far cry from their WWE feuds, Jon Moxley and Brodie Lee are set to do battle for the first time on AEW soil. Having only been featured on AEW Dynamite for just over a month, Mr. Brodie Lee has already ascended into the main event scene and brought glory to The Dark Order faction as their Exalted One. Should AEW be looking to go all in with the cult stable and Brodie Lee as a star, then he needs to win this match.

Moxley was a natural choice to carry the AEW title, he remains one of the most talked about independent stars and has that marketable value to help propel AEW into the next phase of competing with the big leagues. In this case however, we think he serves the purpose of putting over a new star. Brodie needs a big win to help establish him as a viable main event star, to finally shake off the stink left behind by his dismal run in WWE.

We think this is going to be an incredible main event, with both men looking to prove that they have what it takes to stay on top of the AEW roster. In this case though, we think this belongs to The Dark Order and we have a new champion in our midst.

Winner: Brodie Lee


Cody vs Lance Archer – AEW TNT Championship

With the tournament to determine in the inaugural TNT Champion coming to a close, we have our two finalists in Cody and Lance Archer. This has turned into quite the feud, with the foundations being laid far in advance, even before the TNT title was brought into play. Jake Roberts has entered the fray to help establish ‘The Murderhawk Monster’ as a future star for the company and that’s precisely what Archer has lived up to so far.

Archer has dominated the entire tournament, picking up huge wins over the likes of Colt Cabana and Cody’s brother Dustin. Now, Cody is a star in his own right and wouldn’t be looked at as being a typical wrestling promoter if he were to book himself to win a championship in his own company, fans adore Cody and wouldn’t say no to seeing him take home some gold. But, this is Archer’s run and there should be nothing to bring a crushing halt to his momentum.

Much like Brodie Lee, Lance needs this big win more than anything, not to wipe away any outstanding negativity but more to prove to the wrestling world that he’s the star attraction that many claim him to be.

Winner: Lance Archer


Casino Ladder Match

Casino Ladder match
Source: AEW

In a previous article, we ran down 5 potential wrestlers who could step up to compete in this historic Casino Ladder match. With eight of AEW’s top guys already confirmed for the match, ranging from the daredevil Darby Allin to the apathetic Orange Cassidy, there’s plenty of opportunities for stars to make a name for themselves in this free-for-all frenzy.

This match promises to be a lot of fun and could easily steal the show with some crazy spots and exciting action. The crux of this match is that the winner receives a shot at the AEW Championship somewhere down the line. There’s plenty of stars who wouldn’t be amiss in the title picture, but in this case, there’s only a couple that I personally see ready to step up.

The aforementioned Darby Allin has proven himself to be a popular babyface, someone that crows are ready to get behind as he charges towards the main event scene. Scorpio Sky of SCU has also shown promise when shining as a singles star. Lastly, there is of course the mysterious final entrant, who could literally be anyone at this point. If you haven’t had a gander at our guesses, then go check them out. Let’s just say that we wouldn’t be shocked if a certain ‘Wrestling Genius’ made his AEW debut.

If we were to put out a single prediction for this match though, we’d have to go with the hardcore aficionado.

Winner: Darby Allin


Nyla Rose vs Hikaru Shida – AEW Women’s Championship

An interesting championship match that has come together in recent weeks, Nyla Rose will be defending her title against new number one contender, Hikaru Shida. Shida has been an instant attraction since debuting, proving to be a dominant star of the Women’s division and a promising challenger to ‘The Native Beast’ at Double or Nothing.

Having wracked up an impressive total of victories on episodes of Dynamite and Dark, Shida is poised to potentially walk away with the AEW Women’s Championship for the first time. However, Nyla has been on a fantastic run so far, defeating the likes of Riho and Kris Statlander throughout her reign. I believe that Rose has a lot more to accomplish, including a hoss fight against Awesome Kong whenever she chooses to return to AEW competition.

This should be a cracking title match either way. But we’ve got the champ to retain.

Winner: Nyla Rose


The Elite vs The Inner Circle – Stadium Stampede Match

Oh boy this is going to be a lot of fun. With pro wrestling companies now leaning more towards a cinematic style during the Pandemic era, there’s no surprise that AEW are having a go at producing one themselves with the climax of the war between The Elite and The Inner Circle. The two factions will do battle in what is being coined a Stadium Stampede match, which as far as we know is simply an empty-arena match taken to new heights.

Although with the likes of Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho and the cast of B.T.E involved, we can see this turning into something special, shenanigans aplenty. Whether there’s some sort of added stipulation where the winners must be the first to score a touchdown or having to eliminate their opponents by tossing them off the roof of the stadium, I couldn’t say. But regardless of how the match is structured, we see The Inner Circle walking away with the win.

With various cracks forming within The Elite, I think this is the perfect time to capitalise on the growing civil war narrative. The Inner Circle could do with a big win following Jericho’s loss of the AEW Championship and Jake Hager’s disappointing title match against Moxley. The Elite can take the loss and build on it from there.

Winner: The Inner Circle


MJF vs Jungle Boy

‘The Salt of the Earth’ has returned from his apparent injury and will be in action at Double or Nothing against the ever-popular Jungle Boy. MJF is in need of a big match to help propel him back into the top of the mid-card/main event scene. Now that the TNT Championship is in play, there’s nothing stopping either man from climbing the ranks following this clash in Vegas, but perhaps MJF needs this more than Jungle Boy.

Friedman has been on a rampage since losing to his former best pal Cody at Revolution, let’s hope this helps carry him through this singles bout against one third of Jurassic Express. With Wardlow at ringside, we see the odds being stacked somewhat in his favour and therefore cementing himself as our winner. MJF could easily become one of the biggest stars in all of pro wrestling this year, so long as AEW are willing to let him run wild as the most dastardly heel in the business. That all stars with a win at Double or Nothing.

Winner: MJF


Dr. Britt Baker vs Kris Statlander

A relatively short prediction here as there’s not been much of a build surrounding this Women’s exhibition match. Britt Baker has been on a tear lately, proving herself to be a great asset to the AEW Women’s roster and certainly a future champion within their ranks. Having forged a new character in recent months, her match with Kris Statlander should be a cracking example of both women’s skills as unique performers.

Having already battled Nyla Rose, Statlander doesn’t necessarily need this win to put her back on those tracks. Britt Baker however could very well be the next in line to the title, so if anyone’s walking away with the victory here then it needs to be the good Doctor.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D

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