When Advertisers Use Their Powers For Good

Adverts, designed to get into your brain and make you buy, buy, buy! Some adverts are to the point and just tell you what they’re selling. Others are striking, weird, wonderful, and become greater than just adverts, embedding themselves in popular culture as well as your subconscious.

There’s a positive to both, but of course there’s also a negative; to the point may be informative and no mess, but may well not even catch your attention to deliver that information; striking, weird, and wonderful can end up being just those things and result in being remembered for being striking, weird, and wonderful, as opposed to what they’re advertising.

Ideally, a successful advert treads the line of both to achieve your screaming ‘TAKE ALL MY MONEY!’ Though, not all adverts are there to feed the flames of consumerism. Nope, some are there with aspirations of social impact beyond pop culture immortalization, hoping instead to bring about important change in society. Of course, there’s a fine line with such advertising to not come across as preachy, or boring, and just make people switch off the moment they see them.

Here, though, are a bunch of ad campaigns that keep things simple, but simple in much the same manner as a brick’s capability of smashing a window when thrown. Some of them use shock tactics, which some may find the implications of disturbing, and others go for a slightly more subtle approach to make you think, then others try and combine the two. Shock tactics can come across as cheap, but if done right (and with something important to shock you about), they can be just the thing to affect you on a deeper level.

So, here’s some advertising using its powers for good. Some still can’t help but be preachy. Clever though.

anti torture

stop violence drink drive

quit smoke








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