This The Adventure Zone Fan Film Will Chase Your Monday Blues Away

"Hello hello, welcome to my cave."


The Adventure Zone is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast by the McElroys, perhaps best known for their podcast “My Brother, My Brother and Me”, which has recently found new life as an original series on Seeso. The three McElroy brothers and their father play a fifth edition campaign of Dungeons & Dragons which sees their characters adventuring through a wide range of dangerous and enchanting lands, and has them grappling with concepts like time travel, murder mysteries, family drama and more. Though The Adventure Zone is nearing the end of its current campaign, love for the podcast is at an all-time high, and proof of this love has recently come in the form of a new fan film, available to watch on YouTube:

Feeling like a mix between Drunk History and The Guild, this Adventure Zone fan film manages to retain the humour and oddities of the original podcast, whilst also boasting some surprisingly good effects and a high quality of production. It’s funny without being awkward, and is overall just a wonderful tribute to The Adventure Zone. The costumes and props all look great, and I’m pretty impressed that they either managed to find or construct a big ol’ cave to film in.

If you’re a fan of the podcast or simply curious about what exactly The Adventure Zone is: give the film a watch and you’ll start to understand quite why there’s so much love for a show about some guys rolling dice and pretending to do magic.

If nothing else, it’ll help chase away those Monday blues:

Are you a fan of The Adventure Zone who’s currently waiting for the final episode to air? Or was this your first introduction to The Adventure Zone and the McElroys, and you’re now sat very confused at your desk? Let us know in the comments below!