60 SECOND REVIEWS: Umbrella Corps – Add an E

Umbrella Corps makes Operation Raccoon City look like Team Fortress 2. It’s an anaemic blend of squad-based gameplay and Resident Evil monsters that really, really, really doesn’t work, as much as it tries.

It performs terribly with screen tearing a common annoyance, along with the animations leaving you never quite sure what you’re doing. Of the game modes available, Multi-Mission is the only one worth investigating. There’s single-player mode, but it feels like someone farted it out and stuck it on at the last second. Thanks to how few people are playing it and its insane loading times, playing Umbrella Corps feels like a chore.

A chore that isn’t helped by the repetitive nature of the gameplay itself. Even though Capcom have spent plenty of time on creating an impressive arsenal for you to play with, 90% of matches devolve into people running after each other with brainers. It’s exasperating, tedious, and most importantly, nothing resembling fun.

Umbrella Corps could have been a refreshing spin-off in a series that has arguably seen too many. Instead, it’s just a wasted opportunity and an experience I would find hard to recommend to anyone, even diehard Resident Evil fans.


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