5 Unlikely Film Spin-Offs That We’d Pay To See

Dennis Nedry
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Hollywood has been producing solo films based off of supporting or minor characters from successful, popular movies for many years, all to varying degrees of success and failure. However, none of these ‘spin-off’s’, as they have been deemed, have ever been truly great or all that memorable. They are the type of films that eventually fall underneath the boot heel of Hollywood, gathering dust, scorn and mockery.

So as I recently tuned in to the first few episodes of the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul and was less than surprised to see it freaking rocks (seriously check it) and that everything was in fact ‘all good man’, it got me thinking. What are some worthy and potentially awesomesauce film spin-offs that Hollywood has yet to click on to?

Well, you’re very welcome Hollywood as I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule of alphabetising my DVD collection to pick five supporting or minor characters from great and terrible movies that deserve their own flipping movie!

1. The Plaza Hotel Staff – Home Alone 2

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First up on the list is not only my most desired out of the five but also one that has very slim chances of ever happening. The first two Home Alone movies are undeniably hilarious and enjoyable timeless classics. Fun slapstick romps for the whole family that feature valuable buy questionable life lessons. While Kevin McAllister’s adventure in New York was another rousing experience and to some extent an improvement on the series’ first film.

The highlight for me has been and always will be Tim Curry’s Hotel Concierge and his bumbling colleagues. Just think how fun a film or, dare I say it, series of films based on these characters would be as they try to maintain a fully-functioning hotel with whatever random childish nonsense maybe happening that day. Think Fawlty Towers written by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and you’ve got yourself a winner. Plus, let’s facet it Mr Curry NEEDS to make a grand return to our multiplex cinema screens. It’s been far too long Tim!



2. Harry Waters Prequel – In Bruges

Harry Waters
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When I picked up my copy of In Bruges in a Tesco in 2006, I did so on a whim. Thanks to terrible marketing, I thought I was getting a terrible brainless Colin Farrell comedy but instead I was treated to one of the finest films I have ever seen. It is a superb, tragic, touching and hilarious dark comedy drama featuring excellent performances, strong direction and a masterful script.

However, it was Ralph Fiennes as the terrifying yet amusing mob boss Harry Waters that left an imprint in my mind. An evil, deadly man capable of anything but with strong moral principles, a powerful sense of honour and an unquestionable charm. A film that looked into the life Harry Waters in the 1970’s has so much potential. The cinematography and production design of The Red Riding Trilogy paired with the genius writing talents of Martin McDonough? I’m in.

They did attempt this as a potential flashback sequence for the original film but it (wisely) got cut.

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