20th Century Fox Just Bought A Stake in Boom! Studios

And boom goes the dynamite...


According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox have just purchased “a significant minority stake” in Boom! Studios, the comics company well-known for such titles as Lumberjanes, Klaus, Giant Days and more.

This “significant minority stake” purchase will enable 20th Century Fox to create TV shows and films based on Boom! Studios’ characters and IPs. Unlike some other companies, Boom! Studios produces work that is owned by both the company itself and the creators, meaning that Boom! cannot sell media rights to any companies without the permission and co-operation of all of the comics’ creators, but that the creators must also discuss any plans with the permission of Boom! and co.

The money from the deal will reportedly go towards “help[ing] develop more comic book series and to hire more creators.” The price has been estimated at being “in the low, eight figures range.”

Films and TV shows based around comics are of course big business these days, with Wonder Woman currently stealing most of the box office shares since its release. More plans for quite what 20th Century Fox plans to create and adapt will likely be announced soon, and we’ll be certain to follow the process as news is announced to us.


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A panel from Boom's Lumberjanes

Source Deadline


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