10 Reasons Why Bill Murray is Awesome

At 63, Bill Murray has had a colourful and entertaining career. This has been supported throughout by a genuinely humorous and charismatic profile in the media and lately has captured him as something of a King of the Internet.

Basically, he is a complete and utter legend. Here are 10 reasons why:


1. Photobomber of the Year


He photo-bombed Selena Gomez on the Oscars red carpet this year. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about ruining (improving) Disney stars pictures that is really satisfying.

And I know I’ve mentioned it already but the guy is 63 and he’s photo-bombing. Awesome.


2. Buster of Ghosts

Bill Murray

He was a Ghostbuster. I don’t think this really needs explaining.


3. He doesn’t care about the big bucks


At one point in his career, he replaced his agent and PR guy with an automated phone line. Naturally, this cost him roles but with so many celebrities taking up roles whilst the rest of us scratch our heads and say: “what are they thinking?”, it’s kind of badass to be that comfortable you can just sack off the rest of the world.


4. He can Reddit

To celebrate the release of The Monuments Men, he participated in an “ask me anything” session on Reddit. I don’t know about you readers, but my grandparents wouldn’t have a clue what Reddit is. So that in itself is pretty cool.

Some of his answers are even cooler. Always answering with honesty and wit in a way that only Billy Murray knows how. Read it all here.


5. Party crashing champion


He recently made social media headlines again by crashing a bachelor party and handing out some very fulfilling advice. He certainly made me want to grab my passport anyway!


6. He’s a lot like whiskey

You can say whatever you want about his earlier career but there’s no point in denying that Bill Murray has become better with age, partly down to a certain Wes Anderson.

The Life Aquatic and Rushmore are just two of his contemporary films which can easily hold a candle to What About Bob and Caddyshack with Lost in Translation and Broken Flowers both worthy of you seeking them out as soon as you can.


7. He does this every time he’s on Letterman.

Bill Murray jjjV4XIZjW OGFTYlt gIjZPMW nnHo0dj

Letterman must get so sick of his shit but Bill just keeps on doing it.

Suggestions for next year (even though David will have retired) , Mr Murray:

– Ant-Man
– Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl
– Elisabeth Shue
– Ninja Gaiden
– Axl Rose


8. His mutton chops make Lemmy look like a wimp


Lemmy is one of the rockiest rockstars that ever rocked (rockin’ vocabulary there) but even he would admit that he looks a little Jane Austen if he compared the ferocity of Murray’s mutton chops to his own.

They look like they could star a fire without even touching anything.


9. He was once Hunter S. Thompson


For the criminally under-appreciated Where the Wild Buffalo Roam, Bill Murray crazied up to play the legendary Hunter S. Thompson – a full 18 years before Depp popularised the role.

10. Because he is Bill Murray.


The end.


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