10 Most Disgusting Words + Weekly Word Challenge

What are some of the most disgusting words in the English language? Everyone has the ones that make them cringe or just feel outright unwell, but here are ten of the absolutely most disgusting that even Hulk Hogan wouldn’t dare utter.

Weekly Word Challenge

Now that you’ve managed to battle your way through those ten horrific words, how about you make the most of them and try to work them into some beautiful prose?

Here they are:

1) suppurating
2) seepage
3) smear
4) phlegm
5) viscous
6) pustule
7) gurgle
8) bulbous
9) jowls
10) moist

Your challenge is simple: incorporate 5+ of these words into a piece of writing and send them to info@culturedvultures.com and we will publish the ones we love. You can submit a satirical article, poem, short story or anything that you think is creative enough for us to take notice.

This should be a lot of fun. We will stop considering submissions by the 14th of August after which we will start a new Weekly Word Challenge.

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