WWE In Talks To Bring NXT TV To Fox Sports

Are they threatened yet?

Source: WWE

News has broken regarding the upcoming deal between WWE and Fox. With All Elite Wrestling set to make it’s TV debut on the TBS network, Fox are looking to fight back with a hot product of their own – NXT. The developmental brand has evolved into one of the most talked about promotions in all of professional wrestling, everyone who’s anyone knows of NXT and the pure quality of wrestling that’s presented on a weekly basis.

Should this go ahead, we could indeed see a renewed ratings war, just now taking place on Wednesday nights instead of Mondays. If any of WWE’s shows are going to have a shot at competing with AEW at this point, then it would be NXT. Most vocal fans would be willing to say that they prefer weekly NXT TV to that of Raw and SmackDown Live. It’s far more consistent, and the roster is a lot more appealing to those fans who are likely to also tune in to AEW.

At the moment, it’s all hearsay, with nothing confirmed from either side. We’ll keep on top of the situation and bring you details a little closer to October.

Would you tune in to NXT if it were going head-to-head with AEW? Whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments below.

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