WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart Is Fighting Prostate Cancer

Bret hart fighting cancer

In other news: fuck cancer.

WWE icon and Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart announced today that he is currently battling prostate cancer. Hart broke the news on his Facebook page, indicating that he is scheduled to go in for surgery a few days from now.

I make a solemn vow to all of those that once believed in me,” the multi-time WWE/WCW World Champion wrote from his Facebook page, “The dead and the living, that I will wage my fearsome fight against cancer with one shield and one sword carrying my determination and my fury for life, emboldened by all the love that’s kept me going this long already.” Hart continued to make it clear that he will fight this form of cancer, which impacts 1 in 7 men during their lifetime, writing “Most important of all, I hope I can take the fight to prostate cancer. To be a leader in awareness and to set the example for men everywhere who find themselves in my very same shoes, that prostate cancer can be beaten.”

It is with great remorse that I feel compelled to speak truthfully to my friends, family and my millions of fans around…

Posted by Bret Hart on Monday, 1 February 2016

Hart is no stranger to health-related adversity. His 20-year career was cut short after suffering a brutal concussion. His health was further compromised by post-concussion syndrome, followed by a stroke that nearly left him paralyzed. There is no question that the WWE legend is a fighter. Whether it was shrugging off a multitude of injuries, going toe-to-toe with Vince McMahon in the infamous Montreal Screwjob, or standing out from the pack as a member of the world-famous Hart Family, “The Hitman” has never stopped fighting.

The statistics for prostate cancer are worth keeping in mind. The cancer has a reputation for being “more treatable” than many other forms of cancer, and a number of statistics certainly seems to suggest that’s true. The cancer has a 15-year relative survival rate of 94%, and over 2.9 million men in the United States who have been diagnosed with the condition are still alive at this moment in time.

For more information on prostate cancer, as well as how to contribute to the fight against it, visit the following websites:


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