Road to WrestleMania: What Is Internet Darlings Live?

Wrestlemania isn't just about the wrestlers. What about all the people who spend all their time talking about wrestling on the internet?


Wrestlemania is right around the corner, and my inner child is starting to go back to the times when I would watch WWF Superstars on Saturday morning to see all of the build leading to the WWE’s biggest event of the year. In those days that was the only source of wrestling I had available to me, growing up in the middle of Canada. Local events were not very common and nobody I knew was a fan on the level I was. Now I am older I am spoiled for options with Raw, Smackdown Live, 205 Live, and WWE Network Specials leading into Wrestlemania. One would think this would be an overload of Wrestling for any person, but saying this to a true Wrestling fan is like taking away a fat kid’s candy.

The weekend of Wrestlemania now delivers shows from Wrestling organizations such as ROH’s Supercard Of Honor, WCPW, Chikara, REV Pro, CZW, and the WWN Supershow. If that is not enough the WWE has the Hall Of Fame Ceremony, NXT Takeover Orlando, and all of the fan axxess. There is just so much Wrestling to check out that sometimes it’s overwhelming to fans, so if you want to find out more about the world of Pro Wrestling from some of the biggest Internet personalities then this year a fan can go and check out the Internet Darlings Live.

The Internet Darlings Live is a panel consisting of the internet’s, and most notably Youtube’s, top stars in  the world of Pro Wrestling. The show promises to be a one of a kind event featuring panel discussions, Q&A, Wrestlemania 33 predictions and much more. Some of these exact Internet personalities are ones who inspired me to take an interest in writing articles about Pro Wrestling, so I wanted to do a break down of who is appearing at the Internet Darlings Live event for those who are currently unfamiliar with some of the panel members.


Brian Zane (Wrestling With Wregret)


Wrestling With Wregret was the very first wrestling based YouTube program I came across online, and I instantly became a fan of. Brian Zane takes a look at some of the silliest things in the world of pro-wrestling and has some fun with them. Brian also makes other videos on his channel, including Who War It Better, which is a weekly review of Raw and Smackdown where Brian deciphers who he feels had the better show each week. Brian is a trained former in ring performer and now wrestling manager, and takes a deep and very educated look into pro-wrestling both as a fan and as a performer. Brian mixes his very own blend of knowledge, humour, and guest appearances to deliver a very professional look at the world of Pro Wrestling.


Adam Blampied (WhatCulture Wrestling)

If you have not heard of WhatCulture Wrestling at this point then you simply are not looking up wrestling on Youtube at all. Blampied is a wisecracking individual who makes videos on behalf of WhatCulture Wrestling. WhatCulture and their videos, which are often focused on ranking lists and poking fun at the WWE’s product in general, have become such a huge success they have even spawned their own Wrestling promotion, WCPW, which you can watch on YouTube.


Grim (Grim’s Toy Show)

Grim is a hard one to explain in many ways. A trained indie circuit wrestler, Grim is best known for his style of home videos featuring his family. Grim takes a very silly approach to the world of Pro Wrestling and mostly has little to no filter when it comes to his opinions on the WWE product. Grim is also known for his amazingly large collection of Wrestling Action Figures, a collection that he often has to keep protected from his wife DollKat. Those who watch Grim’s work will also know about his personal feud with current WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins. Grim will be at this event to remind people that if they are not down with The Internet Darlings Live then he has three words for you: “Eat It Yeah!”


Steve & Larson (Going In Raw)

Steve & Larson’s Going In Raw has quickly become one of my favourite podcasts to check out online. Their podcasts, presented in video format on Youtube, are also available on many other platforms as well. I often wonder if these two ever have time to sleep. Steve & Larson put out Podcasts reviewing PPV’s, big events, and weekly episodes of Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, and NXT. The vast amount of uploads from these two make me believe that they eat, podcast, upload, repeat as there is simply no time for sleep when you are reviewing everything in the world of pro-wrestling.


Maffew (Botchamania)


Botchamania is a very comical video collection piecing together the ultimate fails from everything in the world of pro-wrestling. Nobody is safe from Botchamania, whether it be WWE or any other promotion around the world. If you are someone working in Pro Wrestling and you make a mistake with video proof, then Maffew and Botchamania will find your video and make certain that fans see it and get a good gut busting laugh.


JD From New York (Off The Script)


JD is one who I have not familiarized myself with too much yet, but that’s not to say I have not checked out any of his podcast style videos. JD is a very knowledgeable fan of pro Wrestling who says the things that most die hard fans are thinking. JD uses his popular outlets to get the message across on how we as fans truly feel deep down.


Joe Cronin (Joe Cronin Show)

Joe Cronin, much like JD From NY, is one that I haven’t exactly checked out as much as I should.  I am a new viewer to his wrestling videos. Cronin has lots of video uploads reviewing shows and talking about news from the World of pro-wrestling. Cronin keeps his channel fresh with great video uploads sure to keep anyone interested for days or weeks even trying to catch up on it all.

If you are going to be in Orlando the weekend of Wrestlemania then you will definitely want to check out The Internet Darlings Live event on April 1st. You can get tickets through, or check out Brian Zane with Wrestling With Wregret to find out the full details of the show and how to get your tickets. These guys are just like you and I. They are fans who want to connect with others fans. Check these guys out, show them some support, and find out what inspired them to become some of the greatest internet personalities around today.


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