Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How To Transmog

Wo Long transmog
Wo Long transmog

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is Team Ninja’s most fashionable game to date, with players having countless way of dripping up as they take on evil forces sweeping across China. A common flaw with action RPGs, though, is that while some gear might have high stats, it really doesn’t look like your style, but there’s always transmogrification (transmog): the ability to change the appearance of gear but keep the stats. Luckily, transmog is present in Wo Long, but you will have to do a bit of grinding before it unlocks.

To unlock transmog in Wo Long, players must defeat Zhang Jiao at the end of The Demon Heart of the Yellow Heaven in Part 2 of the story. This should take several hours, depending on how high a level you are and how much of the side activities you get hung up on.

After that, you will then be taken to the Hidden Village. Here, you can find Zhu Xia the blacksmith down in the bottom of the village by following the various vines. You can now transmog at any time when you come across Zhu Xia out in the wild, we’re just using this as the earliest and easiest example of when you can transmog.

Wo Long transmog
Wo Long transmog

Talk to her and choose Decorate, which is basically the transmog option.

Find the gear you want to change the appearance of, then choose the gear you want to change it into for 1000 Copper. You can also do this to weapons, not just armor, for the same amount of Copper.

Bear in mind that you need to have previously had specific gear to be able to transmog something into it.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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