Is Wild Hearts Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

Wild Hearts

EA’s attempt at a Monster Hunter-like title, Wild Hearts, is set for release on February 17th, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X & S and PC via Origin, the EA App, Steam and Epic Games Store. The game is eagerly anticipated by fans of hunting games with a twist, and some have been wondering whether or not Wild Hearts will be available on Xbox Game Pass as a day one launch title, if at all.

Wild Hearts will be on Xbox Game Pass prior to launch as a trial experience. EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can benefit from a 10-hour free trial of Wild Hearts starting from three days before it even launches. EA states on its website that players can experience the game “up to the gates of Minato” from February 13th, 2023. Despite this, the full game will not be on Xbox Game Pass, but Ultimate subscribers will be able to play the full game when it’s added to EA Play, which is usually after 6-12 months.

The game can be enjoyed with friends too, as there are several multiplayer options that enable players to team up with up to two other people online to complete quests and progress through the world. Wild Hearts features campfire locations where players can create or search for an online session. The game remains open to multiplayer until the host quits or ends the session, meaning the entire game can be experienced in a trio if wanted.

As well as this, players have the option to open a targeted multiplayer quest, meaning any quest can be selected from the map and opened up for global multiplayer.


What is Wild Hearts About?

Wild Hearts

Set in an ancient land inspired by feudal Japan, Wild Hearts introduces an ancient technology used to hunt giant beasts. These beasts, called Kemono, are on a rampage throughout the lands and the player is tasked with hunting them down. The Kemono have the power to manipulate nature itself creating huge volcanos, landslides and ice storms in an attempt to throw the player off their tail and defeat them in battle. Luckily for the hunter, they have deadly weapons in their arsenal and an ancient technology called Karakuri which enables them to craft in the blink of an eye to turn the tides back in their favour.

The land of Azuma is filled with flowering meadows, towering ruins and beautiful landscapes that need the hunter’s protection against the Kemono. Using the power of the Karakuri, the player can create a hunting base enabling them to rest, cook, craft and team up with other players online to hunt down the giant Kemono. As hunters progress through the story, materials can be gathered to build an array of armor and weapons to take on even bigger beasts.

Choose from a vast selection of fun and interesting weapons including the claw blade, bow, katana, cannon and bladed wagasa – a lethal umbrella with terrifying implements at the end of each spoke.

Wild Hearts will be released on 17 February on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Origin, the EA App, Steam and Epic Games Store with a free trial available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play members from 13 February.

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