Where To Watch Spy X Family Code: White Online

Spy x Family movie
Spy x Family movie

Season 2 of Spy x Family may be over, but in comes the Spy X Family Code: White movie to save you from the wait for Season 3. It’s not out internationally just yet, but when it inevitably does come, where can you watch Spy X Family Code: White online?

For people wanting to see it in theaters, Crunchyroll plans on releasing Spy X Family Code: White in US, Australian, and European theaters sometime this year. For Hong Kong theaters, Neofilms has already set the theatrical release date to February 1, 2024.


Where And When To Rent Spy X Family Code: White Online

Spy X Family Code: White should be available to rent online after its international theatrical release. But since the theatrical release date itself is still pending, no one knows exactly when and where Code: White will be rentable.

For now, all you can do is keep an eye on the online rental services that have all of Spy X Family’s past seasons. Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Vudu have the complete series, although the latter is only available in the US.


Where And When To Stream Spy X Family Code: White Online

Since Crunchyroll is responsible for the film’s international release, it is the most likely streaming service to get it. Again though, the movie would be available for streaming only after it finishes showing in theaters, which should be roughly a month after it starts showing.

Another likely streaming source is Hulu, which currently has both seasons up.

There’s even a potentially free option. The Muse Asia YouTube channel has both seasons of Spy X Family completely for free for Asian viewers. Fans outside of Asia can simply use a VPN, switch their IP address to somewhere in Asia, and gain access to the episodes as well. Muse Asia doesn’t always gain the rights to movies, but it’s happened before, so keep your fingers crossed.


Will Spy X Family Code: White Come To Blu-ray and DVD?

For a series this popular, it’s a matter of when and not if Spy X Family Code: White gets a Blu-ray and DVD release.

It may take some time though, because the Spy X Family: Season 2 Blu-rays and DVDs aren’t even fully out yet. Volume 1, which included Episodes 1-4 of Season 2, just came out on December 20, 2023. The next volumes come out on February 21 and April 17 respectively.

Based on the rate of release, the Spy X Family Code: White Blu-ray and DVD could potentially come out sometime in June 2023.


About Spy X Family Code: White

Every family needs a fun and relaxing trip every now and then. But for a family as weird as the Forgers, even vacations can become all-out life-or-death adventures.

Spy X Family Code: White takes Loid, Yor, and Anya to the Frigis region. Their mission? To train Anya to cook Melemele, a traditional dish native to the region, so she can get ready for an upcoming cooking competition at Eden Academy.

Sounds simple enough. That is until Anya unknowingly eats some chocolate containing a secret that could disrupt world peace. Now, a cozy family trip turns into a crazy mission to save the entire world.

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