Warface’s Battle Royale Mode Is Playable Now


Shortly before the inevitability of Bubsy getting a battle royale mode, it’s time for one more game to adopt the hottest new thing in gaming.

Previously announced by Crytek, Warface’s battle royale is now playable for the free-to-play game. Warface doesn’t exactly have a massive playerbase, so this new mode might just give it the fresh injection of life it needs. Or it could be just like every other spin on BR. Who knows.

Crytek’s experiment will be limited to just fifteen players as opposed to the traditional 100+. As is the norm, players will battle it out to be the last man standing. The mode will be set in the Mojave Desert and will give players just a knife to begin with after which they will have to scavenge for new weapons on their own, whether they’re scattered around the map or on other players.

The battle royale mode is only temporary as Crytek will look to improve it based upon feedback. Are you going to be trying it out? Drop a comment down below.