Wakfu: Season 4 – Everything You Should Know


The US and Japan are well known for their cartoons and anime, but don’t count animations from other countries out. Wakfu is a French cartoon that started in 2008, based on the video game Dofus. Consequently, a sequel to Dofus, called Wakfu, came out in 2012. Wakfu is available on Steam for free right now, but perhaps more exciting is the long-awaited arrival of Wakfu: Season 4.

Wakfu’s plot is about Yugo, a kid with mysterious powers and an even more mysterious past. As he ventures to learn more about his past and people, others do as well. Various evil forces throughout the land want Yugo’s powers, Wakfu. Yugo and the Brotherhood of Tofu have dealt with several of these evil-doers, but it’s not over yet. Here’s everything you should know about Wakfu: Season 4.


When Is Wakfu: Season 4 Being Released?

Good news and bad news. The good news is that Wakfu: Season 4 is coming. Ankama Animations made an announcement on May 7, 2020, stating that Season 4 is now in development. A Kickstarter campaign was even made on June 8, 2020, to fund the new season. No worries, the campaign reached its goal.

The bad news is there’s no official release date yet. A tweet from the series director “ToT,” reveals that the production for Season 4 is expected to finalize in November 2023. That being said, it should take a couple of months to set things up before airing. This makes the likely release window to be sometime in 2024.


What Is Wakfu: Season 4 About?

An interview with ToT has revealed several details about what Wakfu: Season 4 will be about. Season 4 will not be a timeskip, meaning it will pick right up where Season 3 ended. They will also be featuring an entirely new antagonist, so no reviving Nox; and Qilby won’t be the big bad for this one.

They intend to make Wakfu: Season 4 the link between the Wakfu game and a sequel video game called Waven. ToT even mentions plans for a new season or series based on Waven.

Also, this might be a major hint or spoiler, but ToT mentions that the series finale will be generally “happy,” but they want it to be emotional as well.


Which Studio Is Making Wakfu: Season 4?

The Wakfu series is co-produced and animated by Ankama Animations and France 3. It’s been that way since Season 1. Since Ankama was the one to announce Wakfu: Season 4, it’s a safe bet that they’ll be at it again.

Ankama is an entertainment company that makes live-action shows, cartoons, and even video games. Ankama Games is behind the Dofus and Wakfu video games, and they’re also in charge of the upcoming sequel, Waven.

France 3 has produced multiple shorts, films, and animations. The show Law And Order and the film Inglourious Basterds were both produced by France 3. Aside from being a producer, France 3 is also a French TV channel where their shows are initially aired.


Where To Watch Wakfu

All three seasons of Wakfu are available right now on Netflix. That’s pretty much the only way to watch it legally unless you’re in the country of origin, France. French viewers can also go to Anime Digital Network.

Once Wakfu: Season 4 comes out, it should also air on the France 3 channel. It should also be available on Netflix for the international audience soon after.

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